Wednesday, 13 August 2008

News of flooding affecting Laos including Vientiane City

Word has just reached us, August 12th at 18.00 GMT, (on home assignment in UK) that Vientiane City is on flood alert. Indeed some of the city is already flooded. I will be in touch with people in Vientiane to find out the latest situation at first light, Vientiane time. The level of the Mekong has risen above flood level and is expected to continue to rise over the next several days.
Apparently, flood-prevention measures there are not proving very effective and the number of people potentially affected by flooding is substantial. I am posting this on the church website for two reasons:
1) If you are in Vientiane, affected by the flooding, and you need help, I will try to pass on your requests to people who might be able to offer some assistance - since I have not had an opportunity to communicate with them, I can offer no assurances at this stage, but will try to do so as soon as possible.
If you would like to alert us to your need of assistance or for more information, then please email us at:
2) If you are reading this from outside of Laos, please pray about this situation. With Vientiane being such a backwater, it is probably not going to make the headlines of the major press agencies, but the flooding of the Mekong has the potential to escalate into a serious crisis that will affect many people's lives. If you have access to Relief Organizations in your part of the world, you may want to alert them to monitor this situation in readiness to act if and when necessary.
I will post further updates as soon as I have more information.
Further information on the latest flood levels can be found by clicking here.
Thanks for your attention and please do pray.