Saturday, 17 December 2016

Joint Christmas Service 2016

Although this event did not make it onto the website due to miscommunication, a very enjoyable and meaningful joint Christmas service was held by Sunday Evening Fellowship and Church of the Holy Spirit, at Logos College, on the evening of Sunday the eleventh of December. Rather than it simply being a service where the two different groups made their contributions, there was a tangible sense of common purpose and unity, which was really encouraging. The wonderful shared pot-luck supper we enjoyed afterwards also helped foster a deepened sense of fellowship. The finale was the beautiful sunset over the city and the River Mekong, afforded by the top floor terrace. We look forward to more joint events involving the two groups happening in the New Year.
This being the first instance since the website began in 2007, that a Sunday update hasn't happened, we are confident that any future special events in the coming year will make it onto the website.
With apologies: the caretaker webperson.