Constitution of Church of the Holy Spirit


  • The constitution of CHS consists of the Statement of Identity and the following bylaws.
  • The Statement of Identity forms an integral part of this constitution and shall be used as a reference to interpret the spirit of the bylaws.

Section 1-  The Church Committee

a)  Membership criteria
Each member of the church committee shall:
  • be a professing Christian.
  • assent to the CHS Statement of Identity, in particular the set of beliefs set out in the Apostles’ creed.
  • have shared in communion at CHS at least three times in the year prior to the annual meeting.

b)  Composition
  • The members of the committee shall be elected at the annual meeting.
  • The committee shall consist of up to ten members.  The number of committee members may exceed ten with the consent of the annual meeting.
  • In the event that the number of committee is less than ten, resulting from departure from Laos or resignation of members, the committee may appoint replacement members.
  • If at the time of the annual meeting less than ten members are nominated the committee may appoint additional members during the year.
  • Quorum at committee meetings consists of at least half of the current committee members.

c)  Meetings and executive
  • The committee shall select an executive of a chairperson, secretary, and treasurer and any other positions it deems necessary.
  • Meetings shall be held monthly at a time and place of the committees’ choosing.  Ad hoc meetings may be called by the executive if necessary upon reasonable notice to other committee members.
  • Individuals who have been appointed to positions in Laos by the Anglican Diocese of Singapore shall not be considered for executive roles since this may involve a conflict of interest.

d)  Church business
  • The committee shall be responsible for church business and to implement such resolutions and recommendations as are made by the annual meeting.
  • The committee shall be responsible for oversight of church finances, in particular church bank accounts, offerings and expenditures.
  • An audited financial statement shall be submitted to the annual meeting.

e)  Ministry Oversight
  • The committee shall designate communion celebrants, regular preachers and teachers of the Word and service leaders.
  • The committee shall provide oversight to all church ministries.  In particular, the committee will designate the persons responsible for all church ministries.
  • The committee may delegate all authority for ministry oversight to a minister who is appointed by the Anglican Diocese of Singapore.  Such delegation shall require the approval of two thirds of the committee, shall be for a period of up to three years, and may be extended by mutual agreement.

Section 2-  Annual Church Meeting

a)  Time, place and general rules
  • There shall be an annual church meeting held not later than the last Sunday in May of each year.
  • The exact date and place of the meeting shall be chosen by the committee and announced at the two Sunday services immediately prior to the meeting date.
  • Ten shall be the quorum.
  • In the event of a tie vote the meeting chairperson shall have the casting vote.
  • The committee chairperson shall act as meeting chairperson or in his/her absence the meeting shall chose a chairperson.
  • The right to vote at the annual meeting and the right to nominate committee members is extended to all worshipers who are professing Christians and who have shared in communion at CHS at least three times in the year prior to the annual meeting.

b)  Election of the Committee
  • The outgoing committee shall submit a list of nominees to the church at least one week prior to the church meeting.
  • Additional members may be nominated, prior to the annual meeting, by submitting the nominee’s name in writing signed by two worshipers plus the nominee in consent.
  • If the total number of nominees is ten or less the meeting shall be asked to elect all nominees as a slate.  A two thirds vote is required to elect the slate.
  • If there are more than ten nominees the meeting shall either increase the committee number or vote by secret ballot.  Each attendee shall submit a list of up to ten names.  The ten nominees receiving the highest number of votes are elected.

c)  CHS Constitution
  • The approval of the annual meeting is required for any amendments and additions to the CHS Constitution.
  • All such amendments and additions shall require a two thirds vote of meeting attendees.

d)  Other business
  • The audited financial report for the previous year end shall be put before the meeting for discussion.
  • It shall be open for any member of the meeting to ask any question about church matters or to bring about a discussion in any matter of general church interest by making any recommendation or resolution.

Section 3-  Special Church Meetings

  • A special church meeting may be called by the committee upon at least two weeks notice to conduct church business.  The rules for the annual meeting shall apply to a special meeting.