Statement of Identity

          The Church of the Holy Spirit, Vientiane

      Statement of Identity

The Church of the Holy Spirit:

1. Exists to provide a Christian spiritual home for the international community of Vientiane to encounter, worship, and enjoy God, and to grow in our relationship with Him and one another.

2. Is unified by our trust in the historic Christian faith as presented in the Scriptures and summarized in the Apostles’ Creed.

3. Is open to all who follow Christ as Lord and Saviour and all who seek to know Him.  We find unity within an appreciation of great diversity.  We deliberately seek to avoid denominational controversy in a spirit of Christian acceptance. 

4. Seeks unity with the larger body of Christ and in particular welcomes partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Singapore without compromising CHS’s ecumenical membership and character.

5. Finds inspiration, comfort, and peace by relating to God in prayer, and from utilizing the structure and forms of historic Christianity, currently drawing from the liturgical tradition of the Anglican Communion.

6. Regards the Holy Communion as an integral part of worship, open to all those committed to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

7. Accepts our responsibility to share our faith with future generations and provides a Sunday School that strives to teach the truth and build a solid foundation for faith in Christ among our children.

8. Extends the friendship of Christ and the fellowship of His church to the international community in Laos PDR.

9. Respects the laws of the Lao P.D.R. and acknowledges our responsibility as guests to submit to the governing authorities, and to strengthen social, cultural, and religious peace and harmony.  CHS desires to build a relationship of trust with the host nation and commits itself to pray for those in authority.

[Updated: Nov. 2020]