Child Protection Policy

                                            Church of Holy Spirit 
                             A safe place for our children ministry

Child Protection Policy

The CHS (Vientiane, Laos) recognizes the importance of ministry to children and youth as an integral part of the overall church ministry.  The church’s care for the children and youth is one of the CHS’s responsibilities that allows them to grow in their fullness of life.   The CHS has been entrusted to nurture the children and youth in a unique context where international workers are engaged with them as teachers and helpers.  This Child Protection Policy will enable and guide them to clearly practice what is appropriate and good behavior, enhancing a safe environment for activities carried out by the church.
The Child Protection awareness is required for the church workers and volunteers who are working with the children.  It is also required that the CHS Child Protection Policy is read and agreed to by signing the attached form.
In the event there are special visitors involved in children and youth ministry, the regular teachers and helpers will be present for all events.
Here is the basic procedure to be followed by everyone who is involved in the CHS children or youth ministry.

All involved in children’s ministry have:

1)  attended our weekly morning services consistently for at least 4 weeks
2)  assented to the CHS Statement of Identity
3)  completed the two forms attached for personal information and character references
4)  no history of child abuse
      5)  no criminal offences (note: the Church committee may choose; however, depending
      on the nature of the criminal office to approve work with children in some situations)
      6)  been affirmed to service by the Church Committee (as written in the CHS
     Constitution), after completing the above steps
      7)  signed the Appendix 3 in front of two members of the Church Committee

THE CHS Child Protection Policy- Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct contains rules of appropriate behavior designed to protect children and youth.  It also protects those who work with children and youth from false accusations of inappropriate behavior or abuse. The protocols outlined in CHS’s Code of Conduct below apply to all who work with children and youth. The implementation of this Code of Conduct will help to ensure that the CHS has taken all reasonable steps to provide a high standard of care to children and youth. 

All involved in children and youth ministry will strive to:

  1. Seek to live up to the Christ values in their language, actions, and relationship with all people, especially children.
  2. Treat all children equally with respect and dignity.
  3.  Interact with children in a professional manner, based upon Christian love and care.
  4.  Plan the work of the church so as to prevent/minimize situations where the abuse of children and young people may occur.
  5. Issue, publicize and adhere to guidelines on how to deal with the disclosure or discovery of abuse. Advise on the risk of false and malicious claims of abuse.
  6. Whenever possible, ensure that two adults are present when working with children.
  7. Allow no inappropriate or culturally insensitive touching or holding of children.  All physical contact should be an appropriate response to the child’s needs not the needs of the adult.
  8. Accept responsibility for one’s behavior and never blame a child, even if a child provokes or acts seductively.
  9. Avoid any physical activity or verbal remark that is, or could be, construed as sexually stimulating or suggestive to any child.
  10. Arrange with parents who will supervise young children needing assistance in going to the toilet.
  11. Refrain from condoning, or participating in, any behavior of children that is illegal, unsafe or abusive.
  12. Refrain from all physical punishment or discipline of children.  Parents should be contacted immediately if any serious disciplinary issues arise.
  13.  Refrain from acting in any ways intending to shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade children.
  14.  Refrain from smoking in the presence of children, or coming to church under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  15.  Ensure that any photographs or filming of a children or youth present them in a dignified and respectful manner.  Seek permission from parents for photographs used on posters, brochures or the CHS website and ensure names and/or identifying information is not included.
  16.  Receive permission from parents before taking any children or youth off the ARDA premises.

Referring and Reporting Protocol

In the event of incident of suspected and actual misbehavior toward children, including failure to follow the basic CHS behavior protocol it must be immediately reported to the CHS’s Pastor or CHS Church Committee for further referral measurement to the Save the Children organization or appointed institution.

Signed statement

I , _________________________________________, have read and fully understand the CHS basic procedure protocol and the code of conduct guidelines and agree to consistently follow them.  I confirm that nothing within my personal or professional background deems me unsuitable for working with children.  I have truthfully disclosed any criminal records.


Date: _______________________

CHS Committee Witness 1:


Date: _______________________

CHS Committee Witness 2:


Date: _______________________

Confidential Declaration for Volunteers with Sunday School

Full name: ______________________________________________ (as on passport***)

Current Nationality (including dual nationality): _________________________________

Nationality at Birth: _______________________________________

Date of Birth: ___________________________

Current or most recent address in home country: ______________________________


***Please submit a copy of your passport information page along with this form.

Last country lived in: _____________________________________________

Last church attended / a member of: _______________________________________

Date moved to Laos: ________________________________

Address in Laos: ____________________________________________________

Telephone number: ________________________________________

Email address:  ________________________________________________

Present service / occupation:  ______________________________________

Current employer: ____________________________________________

Length of time you intend to stay in Laos: _______________________________________

Date of first visit to CHS Sunday Service: _______________________________________

I declare all the above information is accurate.

Signature: ________________________________               Date: ________________________

Character Reference Form
Please give the names of two persons for character reference. One needs to be available locally to sign the reference form.