Who We Are

In CHS we worship Jesus. We have found Jesus to be the only person worthy of our worship and worthy of our lives. We love him and we love his family, the church. We find our joy and purpose in devoting ourselves to Jesus and serving his purposes. 

Many of us have experienced God’s amazing love for us in Jesus, and it has changed us for ever; some of us are in the process of looking for answers and seeking God. Wherever you find yourself, you are very welcome.

Our church tradition Anglican, part of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore, but we are home to people of many denominations, including Pentecostal, Mennonite, Lutheran.The world-wide Anglican church is a 500-year-old mainstream church that traces its roots back to Jesus' first disciples. At present, we conduct our services in English, fully aware that for most in the congregation, English is not their first language.

Some of us have been here for a long time; others of us are passing through, but we are all committed to seeing Lao PDR thrive. So,we work with other Christians, who are both Laotian and international, to bless the city of Vientiane practically and pray for it and its government. Jesus wants us to bless those around us and tell others what he has done in history and what he does now in peoples’ lives through the Holy Spirit, which he gives to us. 



In our acts of worship, we mostly use contemporary songs with a few traditional hymns as well. We use ancient and modern written prayers (liturgy) and spontaneous prayers. We have some rituals and structure, however freedom, joy, authenticity and following the leading of the Holy Spirit are priorities for us.


Children, three to twelve-year-olds, have Sunday School most Sundays in two separate age groups. The children will leave for a part of the service, which is when the adults are listening to a sermon. One Sunday a month we have an all-age service. In this service the children are likely to take part or contribute. We want to see our children come to their own individual faith but in the process have their hearts set on fire for Jesus.

The church has been led through the years by both lay and ordained leaders. Currently our pastors are a couple of ordained Anglican ministers from England: Ian and Sue Jennings. They are assisted by an ordained deacon and curate from Australia: Ian Dierden.

CHS is in partnership with St. George's, Tanglin Singapore and part of the
Anglican Diocese of Singapore.

To learn more about us, you may want to read our Statement of Identity or the CHS Constitution.

Work in the Wider Community

We are involved in various community projects in Lao P.D.R.  We also support local agencies involved in ministries to disadvantaged people and groups.  The Grant Information page of our website shares our giving statement and application process.

Our History

The Anglican Church began its involvement in Vientiane from about 1956 when priests from Christ Church, Bangkok, travelled to Vientiane “as circumstances demanded”. What is now Church of the Holy Spirit began its ministry in Laos in 1961 as an international English language congregation for expatriates and was under the aegis of what was then the Anglican Diocese of Singapore and Malaysia with various visiting priests conducting services here regularly.

The activities of the church ceased with the Pathet Lao takeover of Vientiane in 1974 but began again in 1991, initially with chaplaincy visits to the Australian Embassy by Anglican priests from Christ Church, Bangkok. In that year an Australian Anglican, Peter Routley, was appointed Lay-Minister, to establish a permanent presence of the Anglican/Episcopalian Church in Vientiane, again with the support of the Diocese of Singapore.

*Please note that we follow a strict Child Protection Policy.