Visitor's Information

Just the basics...please see the 'Who We Are' and 'Connecting' pages for more information.

When:  Every Sunday at 10:00 am

Where:  ARDA Language Centre, 
 Ban Khunta,  (Directions and map).  Enter the building through the door next to the outside stairs.  (The outside stairs are only used as an emergency exit).  You'll go up the stairs inside the building and turn right at the top to enter our meeting room. Please ask if you aren't sure where to go.

What to expect:  Our Holy Communion services customarily follow a liturgy drawn from the Anglican Church. Since we are an international congregation from a range of backgrounds, languages and traditions, the English liturgy we use has been chosen to be as inclusive as possible.

Communion:  We have an open Communion table for all who love the Lord Jesus Christ and seek to love him more.  You are not required to be Anglican or a member of a particular denomination to share with us at the Communion table.

If you do not feel that you wish to participate in the sacrament, you are welcome to remain seated while others gather round the table.   We warmly welcome you to be with us, wherever you might consider yourself to be on your life’s journey.

On Sundays when children are present for Communion, parents should indicate whether their children may receive Communion or a blessing.

Children*: Children are normally present with us during the first part of our service before those aged 3-16 are invited to their own teaching in Sunday School. They are of course free to remain throughout the service. Children who attend Sunday School may rejoin the service for Communion.

Creche facilities*:  There are currently several families with young children who are part of the congregation. We welcome people of all ages in church but if needed, we have a creche where we are happy to help with looking after babies and very young children.

*Please note that we follow a strict Child Protection Policy.