Grant Information

Giving Statement

The Church of the Holy Spirit is committed to assisting those in need in Laos.  Our giving statement is:

“By giving to or through Christians, we will assist those in need in Laos, through supporting faith-based and preferably sustainable initiatives, particularly those addressing health or educational needs”.

CHS Grant Request Application Process and Form

Grant requests submitted to Church of the Holy Spirit are viewed in light of the CHS Giving Statement posted above.  All prospective grant applicants are strongly urged to pay close attention to these priorities when deciding whether to submit an application.

Please follow this link to download and complete the application.

Grant Request Form Instructions:

   Applications are considered twice a year.  Grants are not normally made for a period of more than one year.  The deadlines for submission of Grant Applications are:

    - October 1, 2022 (to be approved in the April Committee meeting with funding distributed by the end of November 2022). 

    - April 1, 2023 (to be approved in the October Committee meeting with funding distributed by the end of May 2023).

The most recent version of the form (follow this link) should be used.  

Applications should be typed and submitted in the Word document provided to the CHS Committee at: 

If you need any assistance with competing the application, please email the above address or see a committee member.

The CHS Committee considers all fully completed request forms at the designated meetings.  

In urgent circumstances, grants may be considered outside the specific times in time sensitive situations.

For further details, please contact a CHS Committee member.